What’s New Wednesday – New Makeup Releases Week of June 14, 2017

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    What's New Wednesday? New Makeup releases from Juvia's Place, The Balm, Becca Cosmetics, and Lorac.

    My oh my, has this month already been a busy month for new releases! It seems like every brand is starting to release new makeup products, and I couldn’t be more excited for all these items! It can be a bit overwhelming keeping up with what’s new, so I’ve compiled some new releases for you today in hopes that it helps you determine what you’ll be spending your money on this month! A lot of these are limited edition, so hop on them quickly if they catch your eye!

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    June 14, 2017

    Makeup Starter Kits On a Budget – Under $50 and $100 Collection Suggestions

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    Makeup Starter Kits On a Budget - Under $50 and $100 Collection Suggestions

    The world of makeup can be overwhelming. When I fist started watching Youtube videos and building up my makeup kit, I had no idea where to even start. I ended up spending a lot more money than I should have for products that weren’t necessarily great. I’ve compiled a couple of makeup starter kits under $50 and under $100 for you today, in hopes that you don’t experience the same disappointment (and buyers remorse!) that I did when I first started out. I hope you find these makeup kits on a budget helpful!

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    June 13, 2017

    elf Cosmetics Beauty Shield Line – Collection Overview

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    elf Cosmetics Beauty Shield Collection

    ELF Cosmetics has been one of my favorite brands ever since I got into makeup. About a year ago, they started to launch their affordable own skin care line in addition to their already amazing makeup products! This week, they’ve gone even further and released their new summer skin care line, the elf Cosmetics Beauty Shield Collection.

    I’ve gathered up all the information I can find about these products for you, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

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    June 9, 2017

    Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review, Swatches, and Looks – #ThrowbackThursday Series

    #ThrowbackThursday Series Palette Review. The original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Review, swatches, and look ideas.

    Today I’m starting my #TBT series, where every Thursday I’ll be posting a full review and eye looks using products that are older and haven’t gotten much love from me lately.

    We’re starting things off with a classic, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This baby was the first high-end product I ever purchased. I remember going into Sephora when I first got into makeup, dreaming of the time when I could afford to splurge on something that wasn’t from Walgreens. I was working as a barista at the time, and I saved up all my tips from two months to buy this palette.

    So obviously this palette is very special to me. It sparked my love for eyeshadow palettes, and thus began my need to collect everything in a pretty packaging.

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    June 8, 2017

    Brand Owner Q&A with DKBGlitter by Katie Brown

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    Brand Owner Q&A With Dear Katie Brown of DKBGlitter

    Hi lovelies! I’m so excited to bring you another brand owner Q&A! Today we’re chatting with my friend Katie Brown, the owner of DKB Glitter. She has a newer Etsy store specializing in some of the most beautiful pressed glitters I have ever seen!

    I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Katie through Instagram. We’re from the same hometown, and have quite a bit in common! She’s a real sweetheart, and I enjoy every conversation we’ve had together. I’m so honored that she agreed to let me interview her today!

    If you’re curious to know all the insider deets on this wonderful woman and her brand, please keep on reading!

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    May 20, 2017

    How To Save Money Shopping Online

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    How To Save Money Shopping Online

     How To Save Money Shopping online

    I’ll admit, I have a bit of a shopping addiction. Constant access to the internet doesn’t help this small problem, but luckily over the years, I have found some amazing ways to save money when I place my online orders. And today I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to save money shopping online with you!

    These tips are mostly geared towards shopping for beauty products, but many of these sites are pretty generalized! I hope these help you save some moolah on your next online purchase!

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    May 17, 2017